Midwest Preparedness Project - Homestead Butchery & More ~ Matt Kleopfer of Harmony Hill Farmstead!

Our Main Speaker this year was my new friend, Matt Kleopfer of Harmony Hill Farmstead in Fredonia, Kansas and man let me tell you, what an awesome and relevant story he has! Matt gave a class on Homestead Butchery on a Budget and touched on all sorts of topics like Generational Farming, Homeschooling, How to Farmstead on a Budget, Butchering Livestock and so much more. My favorite part was him talking about how he was Voted Educator of the Year then decided to homeschool his kids and why!

Midwest Preparedness Project - Hand and Wheel Spinning Yarn ~ Incredible Knittable by Tamara Lasley!

One of our Featured teachers this year is our friend, Tamara Lasley of Incredible Knittable and wow, she is a wealth of knowledge, has an amazing talent and has the incredible patience to teach it to others! Tamara gives a class on the Introduction to Spinning fibers where she covers wool carding, hand spinning material using a spindle, using a double and single pedal spinning wheel and more.

Midwest Preparedness Project Fall Festival 2022 - Bartertown, Birdfeeders, and More!

One of our Featured Events is a thing we do called Barter town.  It’s a cashless bartering exercise that’s fun for the whole family!  We also added a couple of Sponsor/Vendors this year to the mix, Grumpy Acres Farm and My Hunny’s Kitchen.  My favorite part of this was how much fun the kids had making bird feeders with Kristi and Todd, and I even ran into a Bee, from Life Done Free, on vacation and lolly gagging of course!