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The Greek language translates 'belief' from the Greek word "pistis.' Kissin' cousin to the term 'faith'. Faith can be seen as trust in something bigger than me. And, 'faith' as a noun can be thought of as a denomination of people who share the same rituals. Rituals are what 'religion' is made from. For example, the "Lutheran Faith."

As a biker who flies the colors on my back with 'Empty Tomb Riders,' my 'belief' is in some One. Not some ritual. He is

THE some-One Who rose from the dead. One day when I realized that empty tomb stuff wasn't just an old story I experienced Belief-- that the resurrection happened, the tomb was empty, and, He is alive. That's what 'belief' then, means to me. He's alive. He's descended from David...the guy who decked Goliath. My King is the Lion of Judah because of that. His Name is Yahshua, and His title is haMesshiach. (Messiah). He is not a religion, but rather He is an absolute Monarch. I have confessed that to a LOT of people since I met Him. And I believe in my heart ('pistis') that He is resurrected from the dead. And because of that one fact, He will make good His promise to raise me from the dead too. So, I 'believe' Him, Shalom 😎



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