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Jules F.
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In my ever changing plans and projects (and also bc I'm just too old) I've decided to sell my mega-tent. I don't need it anymore and it's just way to big for me to handle on my own. It's a Vevor "emperor" 13'x19' (6mx4m) tent with 2 doors and 2 stove pipe jacks. I've paid to have it fully waterproofed by Grumpy Acres Farm. G double waterproofed the outside and a single time on the inside. He did a fantastic job. With the tent I'm also including the cast iron barrel stove and a brand new 6" rain cap. There's plenty of space on top to cook on it too.

I've invested at least $1200 into this setup. I'm definitely willing to negotiate (mostly because Bidenomics has worked so well for everyone)

If interested feel free to contact me:

Tara Barnes


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