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Hello I am located in air capital, Wichita Kansas. I am an army veteran (senior Citizen), I served during the Cold War. I am disabled; not service connected. I have had difficulty locating prepping people in my immediate area.

I have been prepping for about 2 years now. Of course I live on a limited income being disabled. I have no real support Network when it comes to prepping as my children live a long distance away. I live alone, with a dog who is a combination pet/service animal. His name is Ruffles, he is part boxer and Shar pei. He also acts as a pretty good guard dog.

At any rate I am interested in connecting in like-minded people in my area. I am in the southeast part of the city.

On YouTube I go by the screen name "Friendly Veteran". A few others know me by the nickname"Moose" that I used many years ago when I was employed with the BSA, and before as a volunteer with them. So I do have some skills that I'm still capable of offering, even though I am limited in my mobility.

I look forward to possibly connecting with others in my area, that are nearby; as I do not drive anymore.

The "Friendly Veteran"



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