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Sometimes we need to have a 2nd phone number to protect our mobile number. But think beyond that.... how many phone numbers do you need?

One for family, one for friends, one for your business, one for Craigslist, one for bills, one for your get the idea. This is called compartmentalization. Battleships and submarines use this so if they experience battle damage, then the ship won't sink.

I've had a Google number (a 913 number) tied to my 816 mobile number for a decade. You call that 913 number and my 816 number rings.

Eventually, I will port my work number to Google voice and get a Mint SIM and get a new phone number that I won't give out. A bonus is that I won't be able to be SIM swapped.

Another way to get multiple phone numbers is to use the MySudo app.

For free you get zero phone lines, but can use it for encrypted calling and texting other MySudo users.

If you want 1, 3, or 9 phone numbers where people can actually call you, then you'll need to do a subscription. If you use one of these for Craigslist and all of a sudden you get a stalker, then you can swap that phone number for a dollar.

Same situation, but you use your one number. Now you have to change your number, then If you didn't do this, then you would have to change your phone number, then call everyone you know that your number has changed. Not so efficient.

So think how you can use this to increase your families security and privacy. (next time we'll look at email aliases).

If you have any questions, please put them below unless you have something sensitive which you can call/text me on my MySudo number 573-279-1612

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